I like to take photos and draw things...

I believe art exists in everything around us. This is why I rarely leave home without my sketchbook and camera. One never knows when they might be inspired to create artwork, so I try to always be prepared to capture the moment that sparks my creativity.

In school I was always more interested in drawing or creating things than doing busy work. Luckily, my parents noticed this and decided to feed into it. I was sent to any extra art class that they could find for me; from music, to painting, and everything between. This is probably why I sought out a career as a freelance graphic artist and web designer as soon as I graduated high school. After freelancing for over a decade I finally decided to attend the Art Institute of California for a BS in graphic and web design. I realized that if I wanted to make it in such a competitive field, I would have to avoid tunneling myself toward one single skill or profession. If I am able to be completely flexible in my profession as an artist, I can better fit the needs of my clients. I am inspired by everything around me. Sometimes it is the way nature and architecture come together in just the right light. Others it is the work of other artists that inspire my designs. The works of Milton Glaser, with their edgy-yet, simplistic beauty, have inspired my work tremendously. His designs, no matter how simple, are complex in meaning.

I work in any medium available to me. However, my routine stays fairly consistent. It all starts with a sketch or a photograph. From this, I sketch concepts and thumbnails. These concepts help me decide on the final materials for the design. Each project consists of several works, often in a variety of media. This allows me to explore more possibilities along the way. Creating art should be a journey after all.